The Pied Piper Appeal

A local charity supporting local children

The biggest achievement to date is helping to fund a brand new children’s hospital wing. Today… not a month goes by without us being asked to help fund life-changing medical and practical equipment that can transform the lives of sick and disabled children in Gloucestershire.
As a charity, the Pied Piper Appeal can only make a difference thanks to you – as the money raised goes directly to support the sick and disabled children who need our help.

Nick Broady, Chairman of The Pied Piper

Entrepreneur and MD of the Avenue Group; board member of the Honourable Company of Gloucestershire; president of Brickhampton Golf Club.

The Pied Piper Charity is very close to my heart because as a child I had first-hand experience of the old children’s ward at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Many years on, and with tireless effort from all those involved, I feel a great sense of responsibility as the chairman of such an important county charity. The work we do is vital to the children of Gloucestershire. The huge difference we make is not only felt by the countless children and families who visit our hospitals ,but also in the far-reaching projects and fundraising that improves the lives of children at so many schools and centres around Gloucestershire. The results we achieve are my driving force.